July 28, 2014
10 months and 1 Day since
our celebration.
Regal Celebration V   where at every celebration there's music.
Regal Celebration V where at every celebration there's music.

Take excellent guitar lessons, bass lessons, and piano lessons in South Jersey for an affordable rate. Learn to play what ever music you like from Bach to Rock with a Certified New Jersey Music Teacher. We offer in home lessons, also.  Low rates, conveniently located in a southern New Jersey location near Cinnaminson, Willingboro, Moorestown, Delanco, Mt. Laurel, and Cherry Hill NJ and Rt. 130 in Delran, flexible scheduling, and great music lessons.

Plan your event for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, bar mitzvah, holiday, or musical event with us. 

We are offering several discount coupons to celebrate the holidays at this link: http://regalcelebrationvdeals.com/

Call 609-744-3183 for lessons.

Music Lesson Fees are (as of Fall of 2013):

At our location:
$25 for an half hour lesson for one person
$40 for an hour lesson for one person
Music lessons at your home
$50 for an half hour lesson for one person
$75 for an hour lesson for one person
At your home in Delran and Moorestown
$45 for an half hour for one person
$70 for an hour for one person

Music Classes: (for guitar or bass for one hour)
$30 per person of 3 or less (at our location)
$40 per person of 3 or less (at your home/company)
$100 per group of 4 (or $25 per person at our location)
$150 per group of 4  (or $40 per person if more than four at your home/company)
Tutoring for children K to 6th grade:
for Reading, Math, Grammar, and Writing 
NJ licensed Elementary School Teacher
$35 per hour per child
$25 per half hour per child
We offer individual music lessons to students of all ages and levels of advancements. Our teachers insure a solid musical foundation and cultivate interest, desire, and the drive to succeed as a musician. Our individual lessons help the student to advance quickly than in a group environment since we are sensitive to the student's learning style, interests, and goals. Our unique and special care given to each individual learner will give you the musical experience which makes the music inspire you to master your art.

Special Discounts for lessons  in voice, guitar, piano, and or bass are available, please call for more information at 609-744-3183.  Also Fall and Winter music classes for guitar, voice, and bass are now available. Summer hours are Sunday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm. Each class member or group is about $25 per person for an hour lesson. We offer special group discounts for corporations, a company, or a business and individual discounts to your customers or clients depending on your enrollment size.  

Email us at regalcelebrationv@gmail.com for enrollment inquiries.


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